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Organic – Dynamic – Immersive

Antipodes Server-Player-Reclockers

World-leading technology for music’s sake, proudly made in New Zealand and available everywhere.

Main System

Click to switch between a wide range of Auto and User-defined presets, including:

  • Roon Server with Roon Player

  • Roon Server with HQPlayer

  • Roon Server with Squeeze Player

  • Squeeze Server with Squeeze Player

  • HQPlayer Server with HQPlayer NAA

  • Minimserver with MPD

  • MiniDLNA with MPD

Networked Audio

Click to enable as many Server apps as needed to distribute audio to compatible clients on your network:

  • Roon Server

  • Squeeze Server (LMS)

  • HQPlayer Server Embedded

  • Minimserver

  • MiniDLNA

  • PLEX Server

  • SONOS Server

Output Options

Connect to your DAC via a range of output options, supporting the maximum available bit-rate for each connection type (options depend on model):

  • Ethernet (RJ45)

  • USB (A)

  • I2S (HDMI & RJ45)

  • AES3 (3-Pin XLR)


  • Clock Master (BNC)

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