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Leader of the pack

Designed over a seven-year period, Jorma Statement is our flagship series.

Jorma Statement cables are crafted with supremely-fine Copper (0.35mm2) conductors to give a total surface area of 3mm2. The cables use separate + and – for enhanced shielding; a technology that keeps the signal and sound pure.

Statement offers natural, transparent sound; it’s the ultimate refinement you can have for your system.


Jorma Design Statement Speaker Cable 2m

  • All Statement cables

    Insulation material conductors - PTFE noncoloured 

    Conductor material - Copper with purity 99.9999999% 

    Conductor - Multi-threaded with ceramic fibre filler 

    Crimping sleeves material - Polyolefin 

    Shielding material - Tin-plated copper 

    Braided sleeve - PET


    Speaker cables (Single wire)

    Gauge - 2 x 3 mm2 

    Conductors 0.5 mm2 

    6 pcs 

    Shielding * without lead wire part 

    4 mm2, 97% effective on RFI and EMI 


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