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Everything is music and music is everything!
Between sounds and people, there is a special connection. The human ear is one of the first fully functionally organs in the womb. And it is also the last organ that surrenders after death. According to far-eastern religious philosophy, we exist, the world exists and the universe exists as a collection of sound. During the experience of sound, in other words listening, innumerable vegetative and energetic processes occur within us. When we enjoy music, we can experience extreme relaxation or extreme excitement. This is our vision for Sperling-Audio and the conception for our devices and the development of this binding process between our craft (our abilities) and our music (our passion). Motor Housing M-1Motor Housing M-1 with Power Supply Unit NRM-1/SMotor Housing MR-1Model MR-1 with the Power Supply Unit NM-1Power Supply Unit NRM-1 We have strived for the development of the most up-scale precision audio systems. Our emphasis has always been on devices for analogue music reproduction. The basis for work at Sperling-Audio was guided from the very beginning by two principles: 1. Music is everything. 2. Thoughts are free. The consequences and results of this belief are hand-made analogue, acoustic systems of the highest quality, whose development and material costs were always subject to our philosophy. At the same time, innovation is awarded the highest priority: freedom of thought means leaving the well-trodden path while developing new products and to conceive every component anew. In this way, every device from Sperling-Audio is born of the same portion of pioneering spirit as the sound of the system that makes it so unique. This you can see and hear and in the end, it’s the only thing that really matters. The most important means of evaluating our products are your ears themselves. It was the force behind every step – and always reminded us of our philosophy: Everything is music. And music is everything.

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