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We stand for those that stand for music.

Music has always been the driving force for Marten. Music is perhaps the greatest emotive art. By accurately reproducing sound, we make moments that can move you. Our speakers are for discerning listeners. Those that want to hear reality. That want to feel it in their gut.


Music in the blood.

Marten was founded by Leif Mårten Olofsson in Sweden in 1998, but the story goes back further. In the early 1900’s, Leif’s grandfather Josef Olofsson built violins using Stradivarius as a benchmark. An instrument that was played by Mårten Larsson, his maternal grandfather.

In the 70’s, Leif made his first speakers in the family home. A hobby which he was keenly interested in from an early age.

From the first speaker Mingus, the product range has grown in to Five series, a recording studio and a record label. The company was born out of passion and has grown steadily, gaining success and respect ever since.

Marten is still a family business today, run by Leif and his brothers, Jörgen and Lars Olofsson.


Keeping it real.

When Leif started making speakers, he wanted to hear something that didn’t exist. He wanted to hear music as it was in real life.

Sound in our natural environment isn’t coloured; Leif wanted to make a speaker that accurately reproduced the truth and beauty of natural sound. That dream turned a hobby in to a business.

It’s still a strong part of the Marten ethos and steers product design and development.


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