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United we stand

Jorma Unity is powered by technology from Origo, elevating it far beyond its roots as the first production series.

The cables are crafted with fine materials including 99.999999% pure Copper (0.75mm2) and transparent Teflon.

Jorma Unity offers natural, transparent sound; it’s the super-charged original.

Jorma Design Unity Speaker Cable 2m

  • All Unity cables

    Insulation material conductors 

    PTFE noncoloured 

    Conductor material 

    Copper with purity 99.999999% 


    Multi-threaded with ceramic fibre filler 

    Crimping sleeves material 


    Shielding material 

    Tin-plated copper 

    Braided sleeve 


    Speaker cables (Single wire)


    2 x 3mm2 

    Conductors 0.75 mm2 

    2 x 4pcs 

    Shielding * without lead wire part 

    7 mm2, 96% effective on RFI and EMI

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