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Future-proof your data transfer

Our high speed (2,000 MHz) ethernet cable, Jorma Ethernet handles internal and external interference with ease. Extremely good crosstalk, makes for no interference between the internal cables and extraordinary shielding of both pair and total. Your other system cables won’t affect it.

Jorma Ethernet has low dampening, even at long cable lengths, with no signal degradation or voltage drops for PoE (Power over Ethernet). All signals are output at the same time, giving perfect timing. Combined with very low digital distortion (jitter), this ethernet offers solid, unrivalled high transfer speeds.

Enhance your system with data transfer to meet your growing needs.

Jorma Ethernet Reference CAT8 1m

  • Conductor 

    99.999999% pure oxygen-free copper 


    Cellular-PE, core-Ø: max. 1.05 mm 


    Aluminium-bonded polyester 

    Overall shielding 

    Tinned copper wire braid 

    Outer sheath 

    Halogen free, flame retardant compound 

    Braided sleeve 


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