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Distortion is the enemy

Our award-winning cables reduce distortion by shielding your signal from unwanted frequencies, but your mains supply is a source of distortion itself.


Jorma Power is the serious end of protection for your high end system and Jorma Power Filter Reference is here to deal with this.


Clean sound

Our first power product, Jorma Power Filter Reference cleans up your supply, removing noise and direct current to protect your hifi system. Without this, sound can be harsh, boomy and inconsistent.


No more, no less

The DC-blocker prevents boomy bass and mechanical hum from large transformers, leaving bass that is tight and dynamic.

Jorma Power Filter Reference


Top performance

High frequency ripple cancellation substantially lowers noise floor and sibilance in any HiFi device meaning your cymbals ring with clarity.

Jorma Power Filter Reference


Zero interference

Three separate filtered zones allow your entire system to be shielded from mains irregularities and interference between mutual hifi components.

Jorma Power Filter Reference


Rock solid protection

The construction is mechanically robust, heavy-weight and sturdy. This prevents acoustic interference from entering mains circuitry.

Jorma Power Filter Reference

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