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TA-1 Tone Arm

Tonearm length: Choosable from 9″ – 13,5″ effective length

Overhang: From 11 to 19 mm, depends on the length

Mounting distance: From 205 mm (9″) to 325 mm (13,5″)

Inner null point: 70,29 mm (Lofgren); 61,56 mm (Baerwald)

Outer null point: 116,6mm (Lofgren; 118,18 (Baerwald)

Wand: Made of wood; choosable: ebony, snakewood, panzerwood, others on request

Mass: About 2000 grams

Effective tone arm mass: “Heavy”

Base: Made of brass

Finish: Glass beads blasted and matt chromed

Bearing: 1.5 point magnetic bearing, with magnetic stabilizing

Azimuth: Adjustable with the concentric drilled counterweight

VTA: Adjustable

Height adjustment range: About 12mm

Diameter feet: 55mm

Diameter of the armbase mounting hole12mm

Sperling Audio TA-1 Turntable

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