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We created the MP-D201 Mk.III DAC out of a profound respect for music and the extraordinary performers who create it. It is the portal to a realm in which the senses are intensified and where the artiste’s intellect and emotions become almost miraculously accessible.

 An upgrade of its sibling, the SD-025 DAC/Streamer (which had al- ready broken the barriers of what is possible in terms of sound quality) the MP-D201 Mk.III incorporates 16 DAC-chips, a specially designed master clock module, and the option for analogue volume control. All combined in one streamlined, and user-friendly design.

 With five inputs including a USB input that supports NativeDSD up to 256 and PCM up to 384kHz with 32 bit resolution, whatever digital sources you have, this unit will handle them with room to spare. Digital signals are transformed into a compelling and vibrant, crystal-clear analogue sound. It is almost as if the artiste is in the room with you.

 Inspired by the finest turntables and reel-to-reel decks, the MP- D201 Mk.III is also equipped with an exclusive sample rate converter module which collects the digital signal. This ensures an analogue musical experience of the highest calibre. The separate nature of this module allows it to be continually upgraded. It can be fitted with the analogue attenuator system used in our preamplifiers to turn the MP-D201 Mk.III into a DAC/preamp.

With its crystal clear, pure and brutally authentic sound, the MP-D201 Mk.III will overwhelm you with feelings of musical satisfaction. An extraordinary sound dimension that no previous DAC-generation can match.

The design is clean and exudes luxury from the inside out. In short, every single component has been carefully selected to give you a true premium product. In the words of one distributor, “The pinnacle of the Vitus Audio ranges, the Masterpiece Series is to audio what a Patek Philippe Grand Complication is to chronography.”

Vitus Audio MP-D201 MKIII DAC

    Available 1 (L+R) 1 (L+R)
    Impedance 80Ω 80Ω
    Frequency response +800kHz +800kHz
    Signal to noise ratio >110dB @ 1kHz >110dB @ 1kHz
    THD + noise <0.01% <0.01%
    Master clock 24.576 MHz +/- 1 ppm
    Sample rate converter Engineered S8
    DAC 16x AD1955 – Mono and parallel configuration
    Available 1x USB B 2x XLR & 2x RCA
    Impedance   75Ω/110Ω
    Sample rate 384kHz + DSD128 192kHz
    Resolution 24bit 24bit
    Standby <1W
    Operation 55W
    Height 135mm including feet
    Width 435mm
    Depth 428mm
    Weight 25kg
    Material Aluminium for body parts
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