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The MP-M201 is a fully balanced zeroglobal-feedback monaural power amplifier.


This was the toughest design task in Vitus Audio’s history so far. Designing a poweramplifier specifically meant for bi-amping complex speaker systems, addressing the typical issues in such systems, including their external active crossovers and dedicated amplifiers for the bass system, quickly becomes extremly complex. Then considering the usual approach of no compromise always taken by Vitus Audio’s design team, the tasks becomes even greater. The final result however, is nothing short of specatcular,


Seperating all possible sources of noise from the amplifier section itself was the first priority, which resulted in all powersupplies and logic/CPU controls being put in its own seperate chassis, and the amplifiers in another chassis on its own. This however already create a set of new challenges, especially how to avoid limitations in peak currents between the power supply and the amplifier. On this specific subject there was really one satisfying solution, a special made high current grade cable, with room for enough wires to accomodate all the logic control signals also. A specialist company called “Virginia Panel Corporation” was contacted and is producing a special version of their iCon modules/cables for us for this purpose only.


The separate PSU is operating as a fully regulated supply, including separate regulations for each and every stage in the amplifier - this including the 2 outputstages. Making a normal regulator is not a big deal, but creating one for each outputstage with no limitations in current draw and speed, is a different matter. These specific parts of the regulation were designed with the same approach as the outputstages them selves. To source the regulation stages - 2 pcs of 2.2KVA transformers and about 400.000uF capacitor bank (pr. Ch.) makes sure the supply voltages are as stable and noise free as they can get.


The amplifier obviously share the usual “Vitus Audio” specific design criterias, but added the special features of the biamp functionality, optimized configurations and the optional crossover. True balanced, all discrete, zero global feedback taken to the next level of performance.


Overall the 4 chassis MP-M201 is an ultimate statement in poweramplifier design, sound and excecution which results in a resolution and dynamic sound with a 3D like soundstage we have never heard before. The first thing that will strike you is the “nothing”.. the silence.. the ease of which the resolution overwhelms you and draws you into the music.

Vitus Audio MP-M201 MKII Mono Power Amplifier

  • INPUT                         XLR mono

    Available                     1

    Sensitivity                    0,7 Vrms                     

    Impedance                  10KΩ                         


    OUTPUT                      Speaker L                  Speaker R

    High Frequency             1                                 1

    Low Frequency              1                                 1

    Impedance                    75 mΩ                       75 mΩ

    Power High FreQ (8Ω)   100W Class A / 300 W Class AB

    Power Low FreQ  (8Ω)   500 W Class AB

    Frequency response     +800kHz                  +800kHz

    Signal to noise ratio      >130dB                    >130dB

    THD + noise                 < 0,01%                   < 0,01%



    Standby  <1W

    Full Power   550WRMS 


    DIMENSIONS              PSU                               AMP

    Height                         240 mm                         240 mm

    Width                          435 mm                         435 mm

    Depth                          610 mm                         610 mm

    Weight                        ~100 Kg                          ~50 Kg


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