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The MP-S201 is a true masterpiece in every sense of the word.


One of the first things we were told, when we introduced the ideas behind the MP-S201, was “Mission Impossible” But for the Vitus Audio team of engineers and workers such statement, is what brings out the teams enthusiasm and hereafter the hard work began.


While we maintain our “Signature” design, which we have acheived massive recognition for world wide, we have stepped it up a notch.


Special tools were needed for even considering manufactoring this +125kg amplifier and it’s colossal size - as we refuse to compromise on the fact, that it is HANDMADE in Denmark.


While intended for being a stereo power amplifier, monomode is made available too, should bi-amping be required.


Technical keywords:


1. 4.5KVA UI transformers with <2% loss


2. 1.200.000uF capacitor bank


3. Zero global negative feedback


4. 2mm thick boards with 105um copper on all layers


5. Digital control circuitry completely separated with its own power supply starting with a separate power cord


6. Modul based for future upgradability.


7. Stillpoint Ultra 5 feet standard


For the early listeners, the imidiate reaction was, “it has no peer”

Vitus Audio MP-S201 Stereo Power Amplifier

  • INPUT                            XLR stereo                  XLR mono

    Available                         2 (1 pr ch)                   1

    Sensitivity                       0,7 Vrms                     0,7 Vrms

    Impedance                     10KΩ                         10KΩ


    OUTPUT                         Speaker L                  Speaker R

    Available                          1                                 1

    Impedance                      75 mΩ                       75 mΩ

    Power W (8/4 Ω)              500/1000                500/1000             Class AB

    Power W (8/4 Ω)              25/50                         25/50                   Class A

    Frequency response       +800kHz                  +800kHz

    Signal to noise ratio        >130dB                    > 130dB

    THD + noise                   < 0,01%                   < 0,01%



    Standby                          <1W

    Full Power                       550WRMS 



    Height                            430 mm

    Width                             505 mm

    Depth                             708 mm

    Weight                           125 Kg

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