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You reach out to your pocket. Therein lies the key to advanced and futuristic technology. Gently you push… The system of the ultimate sports car becomes alive. An overwhelming feeling becomes you. Almost unlimited processing power becomes available to ensure pristine performance. It’s crystal clear that you’re in the drivers seat: impressed, but in control. All instruments call out to take it for a spin. Then you realize this fine piece of machinery is reference, top notch. You are right on track with the RD- 101 Stereo DAC.

Time for a musical triumph…

Our engineers took advantage of the success of the SCD-025 mk.II technology. Thanks to the praised efforts of their continuous research, they were able to fit all that superior technology into a smaller chassis. True analog inputs and a volume control make this an outstanding DAC, literally. This exceptional DAC is extremely intelligent: when the analog inputs are selected, the full digital part will rest. Save the best for last? The latest addition to our Reference Series of products features a true modular design. Are you ready to make a future proof investment that brings the joy of music for a lifetime?

Expressivity, emotion, finesses. Three words that best describe the essence of the RD- 101 Stereo DAC.

Vitus Audio RD-101 MKII DAC/Streamer ROON Supported

  • INPUT                          No.                    Impedance       Details

    USB                             1 class A/B                                32/384KHz

    S/PDIF - RCA               2                       75Ω                  24/192KHz

    S/PDIF - XLR                2                       110Ω                24/192KHz

    Streamer - RJ45           1                                                24/192KHz

    Slew Rate                     1000V/us


    OUTPUT                      XLR                                RCA

    Available                      1 (L+R)                            1 (L+R)

    Impedance                  2KΩ                                2KΩ

    Frequency response    +800KHz                        +800KHz

    Signal to noise ratio     >110dB                          >110dB

    THD + noise                > 0,01%                         > 0,01%

    DAC                            Digital Audio Technology

    Master Clock               100MHz

    Frequency Tolerance    +/- 50 ppm



    Standby                      <1W

    Operation                    30W



    Height                         100 mm

    Width                          435 mm

    Depth                          400 mm

    Weight                         9 Kg

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