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The RL-102 - Reference Series Linestage.


Pedigree - dating back 13 years.


In 2004 Roy Gregory at HiFi+ reviewed the RP and RL-100. He was more than thrilled with the performance of both units, hence they both received an award for their performance. The full review can be found on our website.


The RL-101, was simply an upgraded version of the RL-100. The RL-101 did not use a battery power supply, as the technology we have developed for our Signature and Master Piece Series offers superior performance over any battery driven power supply.


The RL-102 The latest revision of the Reference Linestage, is using the technology from the Signature Series Linestage (SL-103) scaled down to fit the physical frames provided.


As with all our other products, the RL-102 is based on modules, which gives the owner a lifetime warranty on performance, as any new sound enhancing modules can easily be installed by the owner.


The volume control is our usual relay based technology used throughout our product range. It is designed in such way, that only one fixed resistor is in series with the signal at any volume step.


It offers both RCA and XLR inputs and outputs for optimal compatibility with any system configuration.

Vitus Audio RL-102 Pre-Amplifier