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Silence, resolution and explosive dynamics.


17 years of Pedigree:


The original SL-100 was launched at CES january 2004, and immidiately became a success due to its overall build quality and obviously sound quality. As a result of further development into the well known “Relay Fixed resistor network” volume, a redesign was nessasary. This resulted in the SL-101 being launched in 2006 - including many other enhancements in the gainstages. The SL-101 excheeded the SL-100 in shere success, and was not replaced by the SL-102 before 4 years later, in 2010. With the introduction of the SL-102, the module based gainstages was introduced and this modular design remains a key factor of all our designs today. With the introduction of the SL-103 in 2016, the history reaches in total 17 years back.


The SL-103 - key points:


During the development our team was put to the test. Improving the SL-102 would clearly not be an easy task, so new measures was needed.


Especially the power supply has undergone a major re-design, and the improvements are obvious. Each regulation step has been optimized for further noise reduction, better powerhandling and temperature stability. This not only lowers noise in general, it also provides each ULN 1 discrete gain module with far better working conditions overall.


Each ULN module has been further uptimized for enhanced liniarity and harmonic distortion. Within each module every single stage has been tweaked and modified into a new level of resolution and micro dynamic performance. Combined with the better working conditions provided by the new power supply, the results are simply stunning.


1. ULN Discrete gainstage Ultra Linear No global feedback fully balanced discrete gainstage, based on the original modul design from 2010.

Vitus Audio SL-103 Pre-Amplifier

  • INPUT                          XLR analog                     RCA analog

                                          3 (L+R)                            2 (L+R)

    Sensitivity select           2/4/8 VRMS                   2/4/8 VRMS 

    Impedance                   10KΩ                             10KΩ

    OUTPUT                      XLR analog                    RCA analog         Bypass

                                           2                                    2                       1

    Impedance                    75 Ω                              75 Ω

    Frequency response     +800KHz                      +800KHz

    Signal to noise ratio      >110dB                          >110dB

    THD + noise                 > 0,01%                         > 0,01%


    VOLUME CONTROL    Type Relay controlled fixed resistor network

    Gain                              -91,5dB to +18dB



    Standby                        < 1W (CPU on)

    Operation                     50W (Fully operational)



    Height                          135 mm                         

    Width                           435 mm                     

    Depth                           402 mm                         

    Weight                          25 Kg                            

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