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The SS-025 - Could you ask for more?




The SS-010 was introduced back in 2007. I has received multiple awards based on fantastic reviews world wide. Today it is still one of our most popular products. The SS010 was replaced with the SIA-025 in 2010 - which took the performance to a hole new level.


The SM-010 was introduced in 2008, based on requests from the market to have an upgradability from the SS-010 to give more power for less efficient speakers. This gave the SS-010 musicallity with more punch and dynamics.


The SM-010 was replaced by the SM-011 in 2014, and these are directly based on the technology from the Masterpiece Stereoamplifier - MP-S201 also introduced in 2014.


The future is here:


With no upgradability, nor backwords compability needed, our design team had free hands to push the boundaries even further. With the SIA-025 in mind, a new platform was created that will satisfy a much broader audience. Keeping strict focus on our “musical engine”, we developed the next level of COOL in musical instruments - capable of driving any load to a full experienced concert level, without ever letting go of musicallity.


With a mix of technology taken from the SIA-025 - and the new SM-011, this is our most powerfull design to date - at least considdering the physical size of the SS-025, which is identical to the SIA-025 (and 1 piece SM-011). With 300Wpc RMS into 8 ohm and twice that into 4 ohm, there are hardly any load the SS-025 cannot push to the limits.


Paired with either the SIA-025 for bi-amping or the SL-103, this amplifiers creates a small but extreamly powerfull system that keeps the music in focus.


Pair again with the SCD-025 mk.II and you have a 3 chassis system that is simple, easy on the eye and yet sets a standard in performance, quality and upgradability.

Vitus Audio SS-025 Stereo Power Amplifier