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Coltrane Momento 2 is a real contender to the Coltrane throne. Employing the same technology as Supreme 2, but in a unified cabinet, it gives you true Coltrane quality.


With enhanced full-picture sound, Momento 2 delivers music that sounds just as it did the first time you heard it – and even better than you remember.


Close your eyes, immerse yourself in the soundstage and hear exactly where each musician is placed in the orchestra.

Your favourite moments, over and over.


The sound of Coltrane Momento 2 is so true-to-life that it’s virtually indistinguishable from the live experience.


It delivers the power and poise that only our first order crossover combined with CELL driver technology can achieve.


Elevating the flagship Coltrane series to the next level.

Coltrane Momento 2 uses the bespoke crossover technique developed for Supreme 2. The first order crossover makes for absolute perfect time and phase coherence; and flawless time coincidence.


Combined with CELL technology, exceptionally strong, rigid cabinets and the highest quality materials, Momento 2 is at the forefront of Marten’s current design philosophy.


The signal is carried to the drivers by flagship Jorma Design cables, with the option to upgrade to Jorma Statement.


Easy to position, Momento 2’s unified cabinet is exceptionally rigid. It features an inner box constructed from solid wood and an outer box of carbon fibre laminate and solid wood. The lever principle in the layers of materials, combined with the slight curve of the sides, creates a ‘nonstretching’ effect, making the cabinet exceptionally strong and rigid. This reduces distortion even further, allowing the music to breathe.

Marten Coltrane Momento 2

  • Technical specifications

    Frequency range: 20-100000 Hz +-2dB

    Power rating: 450 W

    Sensitivity: 90 dB / 1 m / 2.83V

    Impedance: 6 ohm (3.7 Ohm min)

    Type: 4-way

    Drive units (Accuton): 

    1 x 20mm (0.75”) diamond tweeter

    1 x 51mm (2”) lower treble diamond tweeter

    1 x 7” pure ceramic mid range unit

    6 x 8” aluminium sandwich bass drivers

    4x10” aluminium sandwich low-bass passive radiators

    Crossover frequency: First order: 350, 3500 & 8000 Hz

    Terminals: WBT Nextgen bi-wiring  

    Internal wiring: Jorma Design

    Cabinet: 25mm:s carbon fibre laminate sides, 70mm solid laminated wood front, back, top and bottom

    Stands: Polished stainless steel with Black Diamond Racing pucks and cones

    Dimensions: W54 x H182 x D59cm (W21 x H72 x D23”)

    Net weight: 230 kg (507 lb)

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