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In 2016, Excel Sound and Dai-Ichi Shoji jointly planned and developed the Etsuro series high-end MC cartridge. Excel Sound designed each component (stylus tip, cantilever, housing, rubber damper, coil wire, core, base, connection terminal, etc.) comprising the main part of the cartridge series. Using our own tooling, the components are produced by each specialized material processing company. The materials of the main components are made only in Japan and are carefully selected. The winding process of the MC coils and the assembly of each component are processed under strict quality control and are handmade one by one by Excel Sound’s skilled craftsmen.

With the cooperation of long-established Urushi Coating manufacturer Urushi Sakamoto, we have succeeded in producing a Japanese aesthetic cartridge with a variety of unique characteristics.

Each cartridge body has been handmade and coated by the skilled craftsmen of Urushi Sakamoto.

​Japanese Traditional Crafting Techniques and Etsuro Series

The gold leaf or lacquer coating applied to the surface of the housing has been finished in a way that expresses the tradition of Japanese culture that has been passed down to the present from ancient times in Japan. These crafting techniques are used all over Japan for shrines and temple architectures, art objects, and furniture, and have been carried out from over 1,000 years ago to the present.

The Etsuro series is a masterpiece created as a result of the combination of Excel Sound’s technology and Japanese ancient traditional crafting technology that has sought to revive the memories of sounds cut in record grooves.

It is our passion and mission to deliver the Etsuro Series products to analog music enthusiasts around the world.

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