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No problems. Only solutions.

Challenge means good business

Jorma Design began by solving a cable insulation problem – it led to our first product. We pride ourselves on being able to identify problems and develop creative solutions; we’ve built our business on it.

The simple truth

Jorma Design was founded on a straightforward principle – to convey music without adding or subtracting anything from the original signal. We believe that our cables offer the most natural and transparent sound, keeping your music just as it should sound.

You’re in good hands

Our cables are made by a single person, as they always have been. Bernt Jansson uses the same techniques to produce every single cable at our factory in Gothenburg, Sweden. This ensures the exemplary craft and quality of all our products.

Worth its weight in Gold (and Copper)

Quality is paramount, which comes at a price. The materials we use are always the highest grade we can find. We use Copper of 99.999999% purity, not because it’s expensive – which it is, but because it’s the best material for the job.

People first

Jorma Design was founded on relationships. Jorma Koski single-handedly built up the company from 2001, developing partnerships across the world. He worked closely with Marten, collaborating and showing at several high profile shows. In 2016, upon Jorma’s request, Marten took over Jorma Design; today they continue to produce cables under the principles set out by the founder.

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